Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Running with Dogs - iPhone Apps

As the winter wears on and the resolution to lose weight and get fit seem to become shiny bits of an idea that are harder and harder to grab, its important to find the motivation to stay with it. K9 Coach, Inc. is committed to ideas and inspiration to keep you out there running or walking with the dog.

Your dog can be motivation in itself. Just the thought of that wagging tail and the positive change in behavior a little run can do for your dog is enough to remind some to go out for 30 minutes and get some exercise.

Sometimes it takes having that cool gadget and a little push from someone else to keep you on track to a healthier and fit lifestyle. That's where iPhone apps and a training program written for you and your dog can make all the difference in the world.

Its true that a training partner can help you stay motivated. Planning to run a dog friendly 5K puts that goal out there giving you something to aim for.  A training program written for you and your dog helps with direction and knowing exactly how to stay on course. Especially if running, walking or signing up for a 5K are new to you.

And then of course cool gadgets can really help. As superficial as that might sound, it is a great way to keep yourself motivated. And these days you can even do that on the cheap.

Take for instance the iPhone app called Runmeter. A way cool fun thing for your walking or running program. You can record your time, location, distance, elevation, and pace. It can help you visualize and keep your goal attainable by seeing your results on maps, graphs, and calendars, organized by routes and activities. Know how much distance you've run by day, week, month, and year.

You can even share your training by sending Google Map links of your runs and routes using email or Twitter. During your run, hear tweets from family, coaches, and friends spoken using text-to-speech technology. Its motivating and keeps you going.

Get your dog and go for it. Find a dog friendly 5K race to sign up for, get your Canine Cross Training Program, and have some fun with an iPhone app all for less than the cost of a month at most gyms!

Your dog will love you. You will love you... and the fitness and health benefits for you both are more than attractive to all of those around you.

Wag more.

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