Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Running with Your Dog in Cold Weather

Running is one of the fastest, easiest ways to attain fitness or weight loss.  For most that means going outside.  The excuse, “its too cold”, can be tempting but here are some tips to help you and your dog run in the cold weather.

First, your dog is definitely not going to heed to the excuse “its too cold”.  Doesn’t matter what the temperature most dogs are up for an outing.  So, use that wag of excitement as inspiration to go out out and get a run in anyway.

When is it too cold for your dog to run with you?  The simple answer to that question is if its too cold for you, its too cold for the dog.  Its easy to get confused on that question though so be aware when you are making the choice “its too cold” versus “I don’t feel like it and the temperature is colder than I’d like it to be.”  Thats called an excuse.

Take note that wind is an element to consider.  Wind chill factors can dip fast so if you are looking for a legitimate excuse “its too cold”, the wind will work to hold that statement up.  Look for a day when you don’t have to brave your way through gale wind storm.

One way to making cold weather running fun for you is to get some gear that not only makes you look really cool but these days the fabrics are made to keep heat in, shed perspiration and are lightweight.  This is true for the dog as well and depending on your dog’s natural fur coat there are options for winter time gear for your dog as well. Upscale Dog Supplies has great dog cold weather running apparel.

Dogs with undercoats like collies, labs, huskies and shepherds tend to stay warmer and aren’t as affected by the elements.  Dogs with single coats like Weimarners, Vizslas, Papillons and Pit Bulls could certainly use a dog coat to help keep the heat in during cold weather conditions.

If you are running with your dog in temperatures below freezing as we have been here in Taos, NM where we are spending a couple months training this winter, its best to keep moving.  That’s good advice for you and the dog.  Movement creates heat and running while its 20 degrees out with the right clothes on for you and the dog makes all the difference.  In fact you could find yourself actually feeling warm in these conditions.

Its when you stop that you’ll find the chill factor setting in.  Keep moving and plan your run so that you can go inside when you and the dog complete the route or you are able to get in a car you can heat up quickly right after the run.

Even though it’s cold you will still lose hydration during a winter time run so make sure to hydrate, and of course this is true for your dog too.

Finding motivation to run in the winter may take a bit more inspiration.  A 5k or 10K race, even one that is dog friendly, may be the answer to keep you motivated.  A training program written for you and your dog to follow has proven to be a factor of successfully staying fit during the winter.

Most dogs are in need of an active lifestyle.  Amazingly enough that is true for humans as well.  Go outside.  Have some fun.  Take the dog.  Drink water.  Wag more.

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Andrea said...

This is a good post that you've discussed here. You talked of humanity here & that's great. Some dog owner's doesn't care of what they are doing with their dog but after reading your blog I'm sure they won't do anything wrong with their dog. Keep up the good work!