Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dog Fat? You Might Be Too.

Yikes. A statement most people just don’t want to hear. Never the less, our dogs tend to be a very serious reflection of ourselves and it may be time to wake up and start moving the paws.

As a professional dog trainer the tendency for behavior to to be reflected back and forth between dog and owner is high. A fear aggressive dog many times has an owner who underneath it all has the same behavior. Humans are able to hide it and act appropriate in front of others while dogs don’t have the filter and can’t understand why everyone is looking at them with that “unacceptable behavior” look on their face.

A dog just doesn’t get that its not OK to act that way in public. They wear who they are right out their on their paws for everyone to see.

Same goes with the fitness truth or consequences. Is it the outfit or is it fat? Again, no hiding the truth, its right out there for everyone to see when it comes to the dog. Still as humans we tend to ignore the reflection in the mirror and it takes your very cool dog trainer, dog walker or holistic veterinarian to come out with a statement like, “your dog has a few extra pounds and really should lose a little weight.” i.e. a nice way to say “your dog is fat!”

Again, with humans we tend to try our best to try and hide this and we make it easy on ourselves because your don’t have someone like a dog walker that walks with you everyday saying flat out to you, “I think you look a little fat!”

So its up to us to take a look at the reflection of ourselves objectively and decide it is in fact time to commit to getting fit by finding a fun way to induce weight loss. Don’t wait for the husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend to buck up and admit they’d like wear their emotions on their sleeve like the dog does and say it straight out to your face. Probably won’t happen until its time for serious behavior modification.

The good news is getting fit is getting easier when a loyal training partner joins your quest for improved health. Fitness programs that include your dog as your motivation to get out and do a routine regularly are on the rise. The even better news. It’s working for people.

A Canine Cross Training program created by K9 Coach, Inc in San Diego, CA already has participants making comments about how in a short period of time while training with the dog, “the designer jeans that were really expensive and had become really uncomfortable, suddenly have become that comfortable pair they want to put on.”

Good stuff. Dogs motivate many to get active and stay active. While this is a huge benefit for us humans, dogs also benefit from the routine with a built in dog training regime at the same time.

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Jt Clough is a professional dog trainer who has studied and applied how to create a balanced life through calm dog training techniques with her long time commitment to health and fitness. Clough, a finisher of 9 Ironmans among many other fitness accomplishments, along with her life partner Gary Guller who has reached the summit of Mt. Everest, bring inspiration to others for developing a lifestyle that include health, fitness and a balanced way of being.

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Clint Cora said...

Yes, having your dog get overweight is just being irresponsible as a dog owner. If we love our pets, we should do everything we can to keep them fit and healthy. And if for some reason, ie., medical, that an owner can't exercise his or her dog, then a dog walker should be hired. There's no excuse not to keep your beloved dogs healthy.