Friday, December 18, 2009

Mixed Breed Dog? How To Find Out What Breeds Make Up Your Dog

Mixed breed dogs are cool. Shelter dogs and rescues dogs are a combination of more than one breed or many breeds, though pure breed shelter dogs are on the rise as well. Many times we wonder what breeds our dog is made up of out of love and out of curiosity.

As dog owners we tend to adore our dogs and the question comes up. “I wonder what kind of dog you are?” Curiosity is known for killing the cat but when it comes to knowing what breed your dog is the answers can help with many aspects of your dog’s life.

Dog breeds come with a variety of traits and knowing what those are can aid in training, especially if you have a dog that is showing signs of behavior problems. Diet and exercise needs are different according to breed and knowing the facts can aid in a prolonged dog life. Dog health and fitness varies and can be breed specific. Knowing the breed facts is a huge advantage in your relationship with the happiest friend and confident most people have.

In the recent past it’s been an extensive vet lab procedure to find this information out, but as our technology continues to evolve in the pet care industry, there is now a DNA Identification test available at a very low cost, sent right to your home. You don’t have to load the dog up and find yourself in for way more than you bargained for at an expensive doggie doctor appointment.

If you’ve been wondering the breeds your beloved dog is made up of order your own DNA Breed Identification Test Kit. The Canine DNA testing is easy and safe for your pet, and can be done at home. Simply swab the cheek of your dog with the enclosed foam collection device. Then just send the Dog DNA test ID card, along with the customer information card in the enclosed prepaid envelope to BioPet Vet Lab.

Makes a great holiday gift for dog lovers with a mixed breed dog or for those who just want to know more about their beloved family member, the dog!

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